Sought after Organizing Goddess Becky Whetzell helps you achieve organized and simplified spaces in the home and business environment. Clients receive customized services in reducing stress and increasing productivity.

   Coaching with Becky:
     My life has changed in marvelous magical ways! Last year about this time I met a pixie of a lady who helped me find my way to a better life.  Becky is exactly what she says! Through her guidance and support I have a whole new outlook on life. First off, I have learned to take responsibility for my thoughts and my choices. Secondly, I have learned that my words and thoughts have true power and I can choose wisely and live easily. 
     Difficult at first, with Becky holding me accountable and coaching me with better methods I have become a better person.  I have found work in an industry I love and I am respected and appreciated for my contributions. I am so thankful of the guidance and knowledge she has shared with me.  I recommend her highly for her ability to cut through to the heart of the matter and then show you how to make permanent changes in your life.  Thank you Becky! You are truly a gift and I can't acknowledge you enough for all you have done for me!   
Patty Adams, Sales Manager, Austin, Texas

     I met Becky at a business networking function in Austin,  Texas. She was unconventional in her speaking and thinking. 
Her happy and positive personality, drew me in.
   I met her for lunch and knew there was something special about her. I wanted to know, what she knew.  I took the plunge and signed up for her 6 month coaching program.
   Things started opening up, opportunities came my way and made quality time for my wife and boys.   I began to feel better about myself and my life.
   My health improved and am golfing every week. I can honestly say I am happier today.  I am laughing more and not taking things so seriously. Everyone who knows me, says I am a different person. I contribute that to knowing and working with Becky Whetzell.
S. Woods, Dell Computers,  Round Rock,  Texas

     I consider Becky Whetzell one of our favorite and popular speakers.  Her workshops are always quickly filled, and all her evaluations are excellent. Becky uses wit and wisdom to convey her message.
We always enjoy having her back each year. 
Alison, Events Coordinator, Canyon Ranch Spa and Health Resort

Tucson and Berkshire locations

    I have lived in the same house for 15 years and needless to say I had quite a bit of purging and organizing that needed to be done.  I met Becky this summer and knew that the only way I would get it done was if I had someone to help me and hold me accountable (not to mention the fact that I was drawn to Becky's fun-loving spirit). 

    We worked together throughout the summer and organized every single space in my home.  She guided me and we made joint decisions.  She also organized my children's room and consulted with each of them - one on one.  
    It has eased my stress levels, and I feel like I can breathe when I open my cabinet doors. Best decision I ever made was to hire Becky.
Alison Ousterhout, Business Development
Pattern Law Firm


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