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  Becky Whetzell transformed herself into the Organizing Goddess in 1990 and she is still evolving, just as she encourages her clients to do.  Her clients named her the Organizing Goddess, as she was a godsend into their life.
  Becky's services are in high demand and confidential.  She works for CEO's, millionaires, celebrities, professionals, entrepreneurs, family and children. She services clients around the U.S. as well.
  A dynamic inspirator, Becky has been a guest speaker and seminar leader for conferences and professional organizations.  She is a frequent speaker at Canyon Ranch Resort and Spa (Tucson and Berkshire locations) sharing her wit and wisdom.

'Taking Back Your Personal Power' - Becky's leading edge personal and business sessions  by appointment.   
  Becky is a Certified Law of Attraction Coach, suggests  'Learning a Better Way to Think, Feel and Live' series, a favorite helping people coach themselves to success, in every area of their life.

'When our thoughts change, new and better things 
and opportunities come into our lives.' 




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​Being organized saves us time, and reduces stress.